Get Engaged at Your Library! The Community Engagement Engine (CEE)

Libraries create exhibits and host speakers to engage communities by sharing, interpreting, and promoting materials.

Previously, patrons who visited an exhibit or attended a presentation could experience the presentation and see rare and thought-provoking materials. However, they likely did not have an opportunity to ask questions, share comments, request more information, or be further engaged.

The Community Engagement Engine (CEE) was developed for iPads (handheld and kiosks) in exhibit and presentation spaces. Now, visitors:

Importantly, CEE allows libraries to aggregate and organize patron contact information collected as a result of these exchanges to develop specific communities of interest AND enables targeted outreach, development, and assessment by tracking attendance metrics and audience demographics.

Traditional Information Exchanges for Exhibits

Community Engagement Engine

Traditional Information Exchanges for Exhibits Community Engagement Engine

Example Surveys

Instead of using a signin book, the CEE allows for immediate feedback with patrons. Try it out by completing one of these example surveys to see the CEE in action, and to get an example response email:

iPad Kiosks

The CEE works as an online, web accessible system, and as set up for kiosks. At the University of Florida, in 2016, kiosks are being set up in multiple locations:

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The CEE was made possible by a Tech Fee grant from the University of Florida, with additional contributions from UFIT and the UF Smathers Libraries.

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